At this time we have suspended all Adoption events, but will continue to set up in home meet and greets.
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Bridging Forever Families
Bridging Forever Families

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​   Founder


I have never spent one day of my life without a dog by my side! I believe I

get my love of animals, especially dogs, from my father who brought home every stray he ever met. I currently own 3 dogs: Pish, Cowboy and Roo, who all make my life complete. In addition, I generally have one or two fosters in my home at any given time.


After retiring from a 35 year career in the Financial Industry, my introduction to rescue happened when I witnessed a little dog get hit by a car. The driver kept going, so I stopped and took him to a 24 hr. emergency clinic for care.

I followed the dog's progress, and learned that his owner never came for him so he was put up for adoption by a local rescue. I felt the need to do more,

so I became a volunteer and I was hooked!


In 2004 I decided to pursue my true passion, working with dogs/cats in need, I have dedicated the past 16 years to doing rescue work. Through the years

I have started and or managed the day to day operations of multiple organizations. During my time in rescue, I have identified some specific needs; dogs on the short end of economic hard times, senior dogs needing to find a new home and dogs that just don't fit well in their current homes. Associated with these situations are individuals, having to part with companions that they love and really do care about. So what we do is help the dog find a new home and ease the pain for the initial owner, thereby -


Bridging Lives…Building Families.


Virginia A. Martinez



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Bridging Forever Families Mission
To assist in the relocation/re-homing process for dogs who find themselves in need, when unforeseen circumstances arise in their current homes. Our efforts are specifically focused on; Dogs with owners in failing health who must part with their companions due to health or living situation, dogs whose owners have fallen on hard economic times and can no longer sufficiently provide for them and dogs who for whatever reason have a compatibility issue within their current home and need to be re-homed to ensure everyone's safety and quality of life.



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