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I’m Don Bradley. As most of you know, rescue is my passion. I have volunteered with local rescues for 10+ years. Recently, my friend Virginia, the former director of Bridging Forever Families Animal Rescue, decided to retire.  She is graciously handing the leash and collar over to me, as a gift to continue the mission of this rescue. We are a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.

We began our rescue with the mission of being the transitioning "Bridge" that would help original owners who could no longer keep their pets and turn them over to new families looking for a new companion.

As I begin this new venture, heading up BFFAR; I assure you our mission will not change.  We will continue to rescue senior pets and help foster dogs from families or senior individuals who are unable to care for them due to health issues or living changes.

We are very proud of our latest project; helping find temporary or long-term boarding for dogs of Veterans in the hospital. Through our network, we have even been able to place dogs with Veterans that wish to adopt!

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